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Sex Education for Children

Appointment of the famous lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea as attorney Cut Tari making pornographic videos of suspected cases is played by Ariel, Luna Maya and Cut Tari kept rolling until hot and who knows when to end. This case very interesting people and have a major impact for the children who idolize the them.

We know that more and more Indonesian children who abuse, rape and sexually victimized as case. Chairman KPAI Hadi Supeno revealed from the date of June 14 to June 23 KPAI received 33 reports of children being raped between the ages of 4-12 years. The perpetrators are aged 16-18 years, admitted before the rape, they watch videos Ariel. All the players who caught the police claimed aroused after watching sex shows Ariel (www.kpai.go.id). We as a society can only hope that the perpetrators and dispersers porn video arrested and sentenced to punishments as severe as for the deterrent effect and become a learning society.

These events inevitably raises a series of questions. What about the future of Indonesia's young generation? Why they can easily be provoked by viewing porn? Should sex education be given to children?

National Education Minister Mohammad Nuh told in Antara (www.antaranews.com) expressed disapproval with the wishes of some parties to be given sex education in schools to students associated with the rampant circulation of pornographic films allegedly made by a number of artists. In his view, sex education does not need to be one in the school curriculum because sex can grow and emerge naturally without having to be taught.

You may agree or differ with his views. But that can not be denied, adolescence is a time where someone has a great curiosity about sex. In Indonesia, the word sex into the most popular word searched through Google's search engine information. Because there are many people who consider sex a taboo to talk about the children, the children took the initiative to find out for himself through various sources of information often mistaken to fulfill a sense of curiosity. As a result, if not get the proper information about sex they will be affected by the myths that are not really about sex.

The survey results National Family Planning Coordinating Board (BKKBN) shows that more than 60 percent of teens in Indonesia have premarital sex. The figures are quite alarming in the country upholding moral values and consider taboo in discussing sex. Thus, presumably to be considered for sex education given to children by the competent authorities such as parents, teachers and health practitioners.

Sex Education by Parents
Why parents are placed in the first place as the party most responsible for providing sex education to children? Parents are teachers first and foremost for the child. Prof. Dr. Nuryani Rustaman, Professor from Education University of Indonesia, called on parents should provide sex education since young children, since children can recognize her genitals.

The rise of violence and sexual abuse to minors was possible because of lack of knowledge of the child to maintain his sex organs of the reach of others. At the age of children under five was introduced to various body organs including the penis and vagina. These organs must be kept clean and treated with an example to the children how to maintain it. Then explain differences in genitalia held the opposite sex. Tell children not to show off his sexual organs in public and emphasized that children should not let the sex organ is touched by someone other than their parents. When that happens, tell him to scream bloody murder and reported in the elderly.

When the boy had dared to ask critical questions, eg about the origin of babies, the elderly living in a simple answer that babies come from seeds given to the mother's father. My father gave the seed through the penis into the vagina mom. This is called sexual intercourse and should only be done by the couple.

As a child growing mindset before puberty baligh, great time for parents to introduce menstruation (periods), wet dreams and physical and emotional changes in children when puberty. Parents can explain that the girls are having periods that are marked with blood from the vaginal discharge that is accompanied by changes in body shape and growth of breast and tiny hairs in certain places. Whereas in boys during puberty is marked by a thick discharge from the penis, called seminal fluid. Appears Adam's apple and the fine hairs in a particular place accompanied also changes the sound. At this age, most children feel confused, shy and not confident with the changes themselves. That's why parents play a major role to soothe and provide the appropriate knowledge-knowledge. Also inform the child that if she had reached puberty, then he is the biological father or mother can be. Therefore he should be more careful about their sexual organs in a responsible manner. Encourage the child to discuss the result of promiscuity and sexual diseases that may occur if the child is not responsible with their sexual organs. Explain the religious sanctions and social sanctions that are given when someone is pregnant out of wedlock, get married because 'accidents', abortion or sexually transmitted diseases and even deadly.

Sex Education in Schools

With the commencement of sex education from an early age by parents, the teachers at the school residence provides important emphases according to the applicable curriculum. The government does not need to create new curricula to respond to requests from various circles who want sex education given at school because of actual sex education can be delivered in the learning of biology in particular material on the human reproductive system. Curriculum in Indonesia which is a spiral, allowing the material learned in elementary school are dealt with in more depth in the secondary school level so that the learning materials and top Human Reproductive System runs continuously.

Teachers do not need to be ashamed or embarrassed to invite students to discuss in class, instead of teachers should be able to take advantage of this opportunity for students to obtain a correct knowledge of appropriate sources. Encourage students to dig up information on the structure and function of reproductive organs, since organ function must be related to the structure. Such a learning strategy to avoid the students to simply memorize the will but make the students understand and interpret the material being studied. Ask students to suggest how the treatment of reproductive organ that is essential for their future survival. Involve students in collaborative or cooperative learning activities in order to assess the reproductive health especially with regard to sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy outside of marriage. Sensitivity of students to the actual phenomena in society can be sharpened by raising issues such as the influence of circulating hot videos / movies porn, abortion, violence and sexual harassment. From this, it not only can enhance students 'mastery of concepts, but also able to develop students' critical thinking skills which is one type of higher-order thinking skills.

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