Senin, Februari 23, 2015

What Should I Do? (Galau Edition)

Last week, i contacted my lecturer, Mr. Ari Widodo. It has very long time for me not to contact him. Maybe approximately for 2 years. He is my thesis supervisor and i wish he would be my Ph. D supervisor.

By 2013, i have participated in 300 of Ph. D Program which was held by West Java Government. The objective of this program is to create 300 Ph. D over 5 years period, from 2012-2018. Unfortunately, West Java Government simply gives facilities to participants in terms of provide IELTS preparation whereas the scholarship is given by LPDP (institution under Finance Ministry that provides scholarship awards for citizens that are qualified). 

The requirements for Ph. D applicants are minimum IELTS score 6.5, applicants who already have Letter of Acceptance from university abroad is preferred.  After acquired IELTS preparation in International Education Centre, then all participants comply IELTS test in IDP. Hard to say, i just got 6.0 for each skills. 

Actually, it was not surprise me because few days before the test, my mother-in-law passed away do to liver cancer. Me and my husband were very sad and shock. At the time i did not expected obtain high score.

Day by day, i keep my dream to achieve my Ph. D. It was severe because less of support that i received neither from my husband or coworkers.  Thereat so much tense i accepted whilst my desire to continue my study growing bigger. Ultimately i got sick.

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